Sunday 1 July 2018

Oops ! where have they all gone ?

Due to a slight technical glitch ........ my previous blog posts have disappeared 

I am reinstating them but please bear with me as this may take me a little while to recover

Here's a beautiful view from where we live in the interim x

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog I would love if you could leave me a comment. 

Wendy x

Saturday 23 June 2018

The start of my crafting journey in Spain.......

My blog is going to be mostly about the cards and other things that I make here in little crafting haven in Spain….but I’ll also be sharing a little of our life here too ❤️
Since moving here permanently from the U.K. in October 2017, my crafting has sometimes taken somewhat of a back seat as there has been so much to do on the olive farm…but creating is always how I relax. 
Each time I make a card or other project I will add a picture and some details.
Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog.
Wendy x